Camilla Belle Dishes on Twilight 'Nonsense'

Was there more to Twilight than meets the eye? Camilla Belle certainly thinks so.

Belle says that Robert Pattinson, who portrayed the sexy vampire lead in the hit film opened up to her about the stresses of required "media training."

"My friend Rob, for that whole Twilight nonsense, the studio was having them take all these classes," the 22-year-old actress tells Nylon magazine in its February issue. "It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself. It's so silly. And I would be frustrated, too."

The outspoken actress also has a strong opinion about the action film 10,000 BC, which she starred in last year and felt wasn't enough of an acting challenge. "I felt like a puppet … You have to approach it [as], 'This isn't an acting piece, it's a business choice."

As for her next director, Bruce Willis, in the upcoming Three Stories About Joan, she tells the magazine, "I was really surprised. He's very passionate about the actors."

In addition to her blossoming movie career – she's also in PUSH and When a Stranger Calls – Belle says she's got a place in Columbia's freshman class when she's ready to go. "I made the decision to focus on work, and take advantage of this time. But school is there, and I think the most important thing is to continue learning."

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