Camilla Belle and Craig Henderson

When she read for the part of Crystal Falls Chumscrubber Director Arie Posin have not bothered to give Camilla notes.The producer, Bonnie Curtis (Minority Report, AI), leaned in and asked
it quiet, but incredulously as he was not going to read it again, where Arie replied "No, I can not improve, that they 's Crystal. "In Curtis' s view Camilla Belle is an actress who 's' go places. Scottish actor Craig Henderson talks with Camilla Belle.

Henderson: You've done some traveling, right?
Camilla Belle: I was a bit to mix business with pleasure as I was in Paris for the fashion week - the Chanel and Dior fashion shows were great, then visiting London.Well friends, I actually saw when I was in Howard Webster England, which was funny as usual.Then I went to Scotland and all the tourist things in Edinburgh, played a round of golf at St. Andrews.

Henderson: Tell me about Chumscrubber?
Camilla Belle: We're all very proud of the film.I went to Sundance and It goes well with audiences.It treats teen / parent issues which are important issues we need to know of.We 't
go Arie 's old high school here in LA for a screening and a Q & A fun.It is to be fascinating to see the trailer in theaters rather than on the computer! (laughs)

Henderson: Did you go to the Moscow Film Festival screening?
Camilla Belle: I got it unfortunately only had a Bonnie and Arie.They wonderful time and he won the Audience Award.

Henderson: I go back to before but Chumscrubber I get to myself I wondered if you could summarize your interesting international background?
Camilla Belle: Well my mom is Brazilian, but her family came from Portugal and I think there's some Italian father is there as well.My American, but the French on his grandmother's side and there may be some Native American so good - so it is very mixed, but the Most European is!

Henderson: So I think that this means that you speak more than one language?
Camilla Belle: Yes, luckily I grew up speaking Portuguese and Spanish with my mom and I 'm learning French at the moment.

Henderson: What you want to learn French?
Camilla Belle: Well I just love languages.I ready early Spanish school and I hate not being able to travel and communicate.

Henderson: You're an actress for a long time already, and I am sure that everyone asks you this, but how did it all begin?
Camilla Belle: Supposedly I was a really outgoing baby - I do not know (laughs). People told my mother to do something with it so they took me into an office signed me.I was a commercial for 9 months old.More of them, and print work.I did my first movie when I was 5, a TV movie, and my first feature film was A Little Princess continued.I and just really loved it.

Henderson: How did you come to audition for The Chumscrubber
Camilla Belle: I have almost not the audition, because I was working on a TV recording on that day with my high school choir.My mom rushed me and I had not even finished the script yet so it was very stressful. When I got there everyone had gone, but saw me as Bonnie Arie
had known me as I've Lost World by Steven Spielberg.

Henderson: Tell me what you like it or challenging about Crystal play.
Camilla Belle: Well she was fun.I have to play the popular girl.I went to a girls school, so I did not have to deal with the whole boy / girl / popularity drama.I was walking in the form of clothing, everyone knows who I am - and I'm not like that at all (laughs). So it was fun to play
someone completely unlike myself, plus working with Arie was a dream. He is like one of the children.

Henderson: Tell me about Crystal 's character because it is rather complicated, huh?
Camilla Belle: It was like someone threw it against the type, it is typical in that it is the popular girl with a nice boyfriend, but she is the fight demons.Her her mother from her thoughts, self-obsessed, so is Crystal fight as the opposite of that.Her boyfriend adds to this mix as he has his own problems, so contrary to its image, it is really lonely and sees a spirit relatives Jamie Bell 's character.

Henderson: Jamie, of course, was working in that dialect.Was something you helped him with you worked in a scene together?
Camilla Belle: Actually he nailed the accent really well himself.We forced him to speak in his own accent, because we missed it (laughs).

Henderson: Are your friends actors / actresses?
Camilla Belle: Oh no, they are not (laughs). My family is adamant about me going to a regular school, is involved, a normal human being.I have a great group of friends, about six girls their own lives and interests.Most his lecture on east of here and could not care less about the acting business. They are behind me and exciting for me as I something.If all my friends were in the film business then all you are going to talk on films that would be so boring and really had shallow.I no friends in the film business until I got Chumscrubber.

Henderson: Great.You called "When a Stranger Calls." Can you tell us more about what you have worked since Chumscrubber because I know you had a few things going on?
Camilla Belle: Well I did this film The Quiet, a very dark drama with Edie Falco and Elisa Cuthbert.I played a deaf mute orphan sources - it was a really intense shoot.Then When we shot a stranger calls last summer, wrapping last month - my first studio film.It was a nice and eautiful
change of pace.

Henderson: It 'sa nice change in the genre, right to the intensity of the quiet to When a Stranger Calls? How did you for the quiet?
Camilla Belle: I had a sign language coach here at home before I did it and my character is obsessed with playing the piano, Beethoven, so I had to learn the Beethoven pieces.When I have I piano in the hotel room and felt really bad because I was pounding out Beethoven, while all these people were sleeping! I had to learn how to block all and all I could do was only this small hermit in my room playing Beethoven, really depressed all the time (laughs). It was hard and interesting life my own little quiet world, but then I came back home and was Camilla again (laughs), but at the time that it was dif difficult.

Henderson: If you are not an actress what would you be?
Camilla Belle: The finitely something to do with the performing arts, that is the one thing I really love.I have always been fascinated with the Cirque du Soleil and what they can do with their bodies.I do not know if I 't fan of that life, but since I was little I wondered what he would want a part of, but I know I never could.

Henderson: Is there someone you particularly like to work in the future?
Camilla Belle: Well, one person I always wanted to work was Day Lewis and I have to work with him on the Ballad of Jack and Rose So who do I really want to work with now ... hmm.I really like intense and actors Russell Crowe is amazing.I like to work with Daniel Again, it was a dream, or Johnny Depp.

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