camilla belle and robert pattinson

camilla belle and robert pattinson

After several photos (see them here) of Robert Pattinson dating Camilla Belle surfaced, Joe Jonas is furious.

Camilla attended a premiere in support of her “friend” on the arm of Pattinson. She is currently dating Joe from the Disney fueled boy band. The two fell for eat other after Camilla starred in the Jonas Brothers music video “Love Bug.” They started dating and that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying nights out with the “Twilight” star.

After attending the premiere Belle also met up with Robert for lunch the following day. Joe found about their dates and laid into his lady love.

“He gave Camilla belle a guilt trip about it and even tried to make her jealous by telling her about all these girls that wanted to date him.”

Ahh…the age old question. Robert Pattinson or the Jonas Brothers? I vote a keg of Pabst and a piñata, but that is just me.

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